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Ray & Dave - National Volunteer Week

As part of National Volunteer Week, we caught up with Volunteers Ray and Dave on the impact volunteering at Stockport Town has had on them

Ray stated "I started to volunteer at STFC as i knew some of the other volunteers. Since I joined, everyone has been so friendly. I am a nervous person and volunteering has really helped build my confidence and has changed how I interact with people. On matchdays I help out where needed. For anyone considering doing it, I would say go for it. I love being part of the team and it's nice to not be on my phone all the time!! "

Dave, Rays Uncle added "Judith had been telling me about STFC for years and I originally came to watch. That didn't last long!! Soon, I was helping behind the bar, sorting the matchday raffle, doing the gate, being security when needed. That's the thing with non league football, as a volunteer you have to do whatever is needed. In a couple of weeks, I will be down at the SSV painting and sorting the bar area getting ready for the new season! Working as part of the team on matchdays is great and it's given me a chance to get away from the wife! It's also opened up the social side as we go out for meals. If you are thinking are getting involved, it's hard work but so rewarding. I cant wait for the new season already!"


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